Shahid Afridi hits back at the critics after facing flak for ‘sexist’ remarks in his book

Shahid Afridi hasn't been a sport about these criticisms and stands his ground about his moral decision.

Shahid Afridi and his daughter
Shahid Afridi and his daughter. (Photo Source: Twitter)

One of the biggest names in Cricket, Shahid Afridi released his autobiography last week. The contents of the book have all the ingredients necessary for raising major discussions and of course controversies. One of the excerpts from his book has unveiled the ‘sexist’ thinking of the former Pakistani cricketer.

He was accused of misogyny as the veteran cricketer wrote in his book that he does not approve of his daughters playing cricket due to social and religious rules. In fact, he does not allow his girls to play any outdoor sport. The book, named “Game Changer” has hence been the recipient of not any positive popularity.


To quote Afridi, he wrote in his book, “It’s for social and religious reasons that I’ve made this decision regarding my daughters not competing in public sporting activities and their mother agrees with me. The feminists can say what they want; as a conservative Pakistani father, I’ve made my decision,” he added.

While sportspersons are known to be broad-minded and outgoing, it is really frustrating to see someone of Afridi’s stature to bring cricket down as a gender-specific sport. Amongst all his controversial revelations in the book, that includes the one about his age and the match-fixing saga, the worst one was about his four daughters — who are aged between 10 and 20-year olds —and their religious boundaries. 

Afridi receives flak from Pakistan citizens

He rightfully earned the terms “misogynist” and “hypocrite” from critics all over social media platforms. In fact, some people on social media have pointed out how the Liverpool footballer from Egypt Mohamed Salah has always stood for equal treatment for women in the Islamic world. In fact, very recently a video of Salah proudly celebrating his four-year-old daughter scoring a goal ahead of Liverpool’s final match of the season against Wolves at Anfield went viral. 

Calling out his backward thinking and remarks, several individuals wrote on Twitter. “Afridi is no better than a typical middle-aged average Pakistani guy, who wouldn’t mind hanging out with someone else’s daughters but would balk if his own did the same,” tweeted Salman Siddiqui.

“His daughters, his decisions? Really?? So the girls’ voices and choices don’t matter? Not even when they’re adults? Because #FatherHasSpoken,” wrote Asha Bedar, a Pakistani psychologist. Further on, Pakistan author Bina Shah told BBC that Afridi’s remarks are an example of “Pakistani macho culture that says I am the father, I can say what my daughters are going to do and not do, and there is not a thing that you can do to stop me.”

Afridi condemns the accusations

Meanwhile, Shahid Afridi hasn’t been a sport about these criticisms and stand his ground about his moral decision. He took to Twitter on Sunday and wrote addressing the Independent(UK) and BBC, “I don’t judge anyone or meddle in people’s life. I expect the same too from others. May Allah bless my daughters and daughters/women all over the world! Let people be.”

The second part of the tweet said, “My daughters are very precious to me! My life revolves around them. They all have some ambitions in life and I will support them while guiding them as a responsible father.

Here are the tweets

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