Sheldon Cottrell responds to a video of little girl imitating his famous salute celebration

Sheldon Cottrell responds to a video of little girl imitating his famous salute celebration

Sheldon Cottrell also offered to help the girl's family financially.

Sheldon Cottrell
Sheldon Cottrell. (Photo Source: IPL/BCCI)

The world of cricket is famous for the style of the varying and unique celebration of players. Be it bowler’s celebration after the wickets or batsman’s antics after century, all have their favourite actions to display on the field. In the same light, KXIP’s speedster Sheldon Cottrell is loved for his salute celebration after the wicket. The way he takes a few steps and flaunts his salute had grabbed a lot of attention.

Even before the commencement of IPL 2020, Cottrell received many videos from India in which children imitated his salute action. He was more than happy to see them copy his celebration. In the latest turn of events, he has replied to a video by a little girl where she is seen copying his style of salute. He was delighted to see the video and responded by stating that her gesture has made his day.

“Sorry, Jiya I couldn’t find this tweet earlier. Just wanted to say you light up my day,” replied Cottrell to her on Twitter.

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In the meanwhile, the 31-year-old also displayed how great a person he is by heart. He stepped up to help the family if they need any support in testing times of the COVID-19 pandemic. He even recalled the chat he had six months back, and it was told to him that her family’s business has been affected by the virus crisis.

“6 months ago you told me about the situation of your family working in Chennai in the wedding industry with no weddings. Forget cricket for a minute. I pray things are improving, and if not – what can we do to support? #India #salute #Chennai,” he tweeted.

Cottrell has named six  wickets on his credit in IPL 2020

The pacer has been roped in IPL 2020 by KXIP this year at a whopping amount of 8.5 crores. He has not been very impressive as he has picked six wickets in six matches he has played so far. His team KXIP has bounced back too well in the tournament and is currently placed at 4th position in the points tally. They have five matches on a trot, and their remaining matches will be crucial in their qualification for playoffs.