'Sometimes you want to go out and check how quickly you can come back' - Ravi Shastri explains the possible reason why Rohit Sharma trained at MI nets

‘Sometimes you want to go out and check how quickly you can come back’ – Ravi Shastri explains the possible reason why Rohit Sharma trained at MI nets

Ravi Shastri narrated his own experience in rushing back to things from being injured.

Ravi Shastri and Rohit Sharma
Ravi Shastri and Rohit Sharma. (Photo Source: Twitter and IPL/BCCI)

BCCI announced India’s squad for the upcoming Australia tour earlier this week and since then Rohit Sharma has been in the news. He didn’t make it to any of the squads for the tour even as the board released the statement that the BCCI medical team is monitoring Rohit’s injury. However, what sparked a country vs club debate was Mumbai Indians’ social media post within hours after the squad announcement.

Rohit Sharma’s pictures practising in the nets were posted and all the confusion started. Since then, there has been no official statement from BCCI or even MI about his injury. Rather Rohit hasn’t played a single game yet since getting injured against Kings XI Punjab (KXIP). Various reports have surfaced every now and then but official statement is still awaited.

Meanwhile, India coach Ravi Shastri has explained the possible reason about Rohit Sharma coming out to bat in the nets despite being injured. He also opined on the country vs club debate and indirectly quashed such things stating that a player gets frustrated after being injured and is always eager to play. “There could be disappointment that this injury has happened.

“There is nothing more frustrating for a player than he gets injured. Sometimes you know, you want to get out of that room of yours and try and see how quickly you can come back. And therein lies the grey area. Therein lies the problem where you want to go and play, you want to test yourself. But only you will know at the back of your mind whether you are 100% of there is a chance of it going again,” he said while speaking to Times Now.

Ravi Shastri narrates his own experience

Ravi Shastri cleared that the player’s eagerness to play might worsen the injury and narrated his own experience. He pointed out that he went through a similar situation during his playing career and his eagerness to play despite not being fully fit, cost him his career.

“I have been through that as a cricketer myself. I finished my career in 1991 when I went back to Australia when I shouldn’t have. If I had taken a break for 3-4 months, I could’ve played five years longer for India. So I speak from experience. It is a similar case. I wanted to go. Doctors told me don’t go. It was greed,” Shastri further added while also stating Rohit Sharma is a key player and he shouldn’t be rushed back.