Supreme Court turns down Anurag Thakur's apology following the perjury charges

Supreme Court turns down Anurag Thakur’s apology following the perjury charges

Thakur has been ordered to file another new apology which must be ‘unconditional an unqualified’.

BCCI President Anurag Thakur
Former BCCI President Anurag Thakur. (Photo credit SAJJAD HUSSAIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Former BCCI President, Anurag Thakur finds himself in turmoil as the Supreme Court has rejected his apology in the perjury case. The Supreme Court has turned down Thakur’s apology by terming it as ‘conditional’.

Thakur has been ordered to file another new apology which must be ‘unconditional an unqualified’. As per the instructions from the Supreme Court, Anurag Thakur will have to be present on 14th July too.

Supreme court’s statement:

“We are not happy with the affidavit (of apology)… it has to be categorical. He should file a fresh affidavit by Wednesday… ask him to remain present on July 14,” a bench led by Justice Deepak Misra told Additional Solicitor General PS Patwalia, who appeared for the BJP MP.

According to the pinnacle court, Anurag Thakur lied about not asking for a letter from the International Cricket Council (ICC) which would state that the appointment of a CAG official in the BCCI will be parallel to government interference.

However, ICC CEO Dave Richardson confirmed that the BCCI has asked for a later but it was rejected by ICC President Shashank Manohar.

Justice TS Thakur had some harsh words for Anurag Thakur before charging him with a note of perjury in December 2016. “You asked a letter from the ICC chairman after this court had already pronounced its verdict. We know your intentions,” Justice TS Thakur had said.

“Prima facie, we feel you are in contempt of court and we are inclined to launch prosecution against you. ICC Chairman Mr Manohar says that you have asked him to write a letter. There was no occasion for you to do it when the Supreme Court had said that appointment of CAG nominee would bring in transparency.” the former CJI had said.

Anurag Thakur faced the axe from his position in the BCCI along with secretary Ajay Shirke for not abiding by the rules of the Supreme Court on the implementation of the Lodha Committee reforms. Thakur put forward his apology to the Supreme Court earlier this year in the month of March.

“I (Thakur) have tendered my unconditional and unqualified apology and I have explained the circumstances. I had not intended to file any false information,” senior advocate P S Patwalia, appearing for Thakur, told the bench headed by Justice Deepak Misra.