Team-wise match fees paid in all formats of the game

Team-wise match fees paid in all formats of the game

Players try their heart out on the field, and just like any other profession, they get rewarded for their work.

2) Australia

New Zealand vs Australia
New Zealand vs Australia. (Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)

Like England, Australia has a rich cricket board as well. However, their players don’t get paid as much as the English players. Aussie players get paid 11 lakh rupees for every Test match they play.

They then get paid 8.5 lakh for every ODI match they play. This happens to be more than the match fees paid by BCCI to their players for playing an ODI game. The Aussie T20I specialists are the luckiest as they get paid a whopping 5.6 lakh rupees per T20I match.

This is the highest match fee paid by a board to their players for playing a T20I match. Overall, the Aussie players might not be the highest-paid cricketers but they are certainly paid a decent amount for playing a match in any format. This motivates them to be at their best whenever they play an international match.