'This is what the plan was' - Harbhajan Singh slams China yet again after the country reported zero COVID-19 cases

‘This is what the plan was’ – Harbhajan Singh slams China yet again after the country reported zero COVID-19 cases

Bhajji feels COVID-19 is a pre-planned strategy by China to make their economy powerful.

Harbhajan Singh
Harbhajan Singh. (Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images)

Harbhajan Singh has made some serious accusations on China and its government in his latest tweet. According to the cricketer, the COVID-19 outbreak was a planned attempt by China to develop its economy. The coronavirus pandemic which has taken the world by a storm originated in China. The first outbreak happened late in November of 2019 in the Wuhan Province of China.

Since then, the virus has spread all across the world. More than 59 lakh people have got affected by COVID-19 worldwide. In India, the number of positive cases that have been reported is 1.65 lakhs currently. However, China has almost recovered from the virus as per the reports which have come out of the country lately. A leading media hub reported via Twitter that on May 28, there were no new coronavirus cases reported in China. This is when Harbhajan Singh posted his tweet.

While everyone suffers from this they sit happily watching: Harbhajan Singh

After reading the news, the Punjab bowler wrote via his official Twitter handle that China wanted to spread the spread to improve its economy by making PPE kits and masks for other countries. His tweet read “This is what the plan was.. spread this corona virus in the whole world.. while everyone suffer with this they sit happy and watching..making PPE kits, mask etc for the whole world and making their economy powerful #powerhungry”

This is not the first time that Harbhajan has said something about China publicly. Last month, in a tweet he said that Indians should boycott Chinese products completely. He said this after a news piece revealed that India had decided to stop using Chinese COVID-19 kits.

There were several reports of China sending faulty kits to many countries. In that tweet, he had written, “Are the purposely sending wrong kits to other countries. High time we should boycott them..we are good enough to make our own things.”

The 39-year-old off-spinner has been in the news recently for various reasons. A few days ago, he criticized Shahid Afridi for his hate comments against India and its Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The off-spinner is contracted to Chennai Super Kings in the IPL. He has been eagerly waiting for the start of the cash-rich league. However, due to the pandemic, IPL 2020 has been postponed indefinitely.