Top 10 Indian cricketers who have earned the most from IPL

Top 10 Indian cricketers who have earned the most from IPL

Some of the top Indian cricketers have made it to this list.

MS Dhoni CS
MS Dhoni of CSK. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The evolution of Indian cricket has been completely drastic especially in this 21st century. Gone are the days when BCCI actually had to pay the broadcasters from their light weighted pockets to showcase India’s cricket matches. Whereas today at present the introduction of the IPL has filled the board’s pockets to such an extent that their net worth value has reached in thousands of crores.

Hence, it has become one cash cow which BCCI would exclusively like to own irrespective of where the game reaches in the future. But regardless of the BCCI, the IPL thus has also filled the pockets of other International cricket boards who do rejoice to send their players for T20’s biggest carnival.  

However, it’s not only the cricket boards which have got immensely benefited from the IPL. It’s actually the well being of the players who have become the biggest beneficiaries from this mega cash-rich league. Brand endorsements which is another subject in itself also do parallelly contributes thus allowing players to fervently carryout their extravagant lifestyle. 

In short, the realm of money which the IPL has been able to deliver in the form of overwhelming contracts and muscular endorsement have changed the way a modern-day cricketer can earn from the game.

Here are top 10 Indian cricketers who have earned the most in IPL:

10. Dinesh Karthik – Rs 68.5 crore

Dinesh Karthik
Dinesh Karthik. (Photo Source: IPL/BCCI)

Dinesh Karthik’s overall IPL career has made him face lots of chopping and changing when it comes to moving from a franchise to another. The wicket-keeper batsman began his stint with Delhi Daredevils as he got picked for Rs 2.1 crores in 2008. His transfer to Mumbai Indians in 2012 made him earn Rs 4.1 crores. 

However, it was in 2014 and 2015 when Karthik earned Rs 12.5 crores and Rs 10.5 crores from Delhi Daredevils and RCB camp. At the moment, Karthik is with KKR who bought him for Rs 7.4 crores in 2018 auction.

Speaking about his overall salary earned from all the editions, it stands at a figure of Rs 68.5 crores making him 14th richest player in the overall list of IPL salary ranks.