Top 10 Teams with most Test losses

Top 10 Teams with most Test losses

Top 10 Teams with most Test losses: It is a matter of pride for every cricketer and team to be a part of Test cricket and that is the reason, while assessing a team’s overall stature a lot of emphasis is laid on their performance in Tests. Winning a 5-day match from its inception till today is among the most cherished and satisfying feelings for every team. While losing one is as demoralizing as it can be.

It takes a complete team effort for most part of the 5 days for them to emerge victorious; while the heavy weights have been able to win tons of Test matches, they have lost on quite a few occasions as well.

Here we enlist the Top 10 Teams with most Test losses:

10. Zimbabwe – 60 Losses:

Zimbabwe. (© Getty Images)

The Zimbabweans are placed at the bottom of the list. However, due to their significantly poor performances in international cricket, Zimbabwe’s Test stature was taken off a decade ago. However, they have started to regain their lost prowess and the African team is expected to shine in the near future.

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