Top 5 batsmen who have faced Most Balls in ODIs

Top 5 batsmen who have faced Most Balls in ODIs

Top 5 batsmen who have faced Most Balls in ODIs: Runs scored, strike rate, 100s scored, sixes hit are often the stats associated with a batsmen in ODI cricket. But there is one statistics which is not looked into very often in ODIs and that is No. of balls faced.

Well, no. of balls faced in a single game might not be an indicator of batsman’s dominance, but no. of balls faced across the ODI carrier is a testimony of batsmen’s consistency, longevity and dominance across the years.
CrickTracker takes a look at the batsmen with most balls faced in ODIs across these years.

5. Inzamam Ul Haq 15812 Balls

Inzamam Ul Haq pulls the ball for a four (Photo Source : © Getty Images )
Pakistan’s Inzamam ul-haq is the lone Pakistani and 5th in the list of most balls faced in ODI cricket. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

At no. 5 is Pakistan’s Inzamam Ul Haq. If Zaheer Abbas is regarded as the best ever Pakistani batsmen, Inzamam is undoubtedly the best ever ODI batsmen for Pakistan. Inzy burst on to the international arena with a famous knock against New Zealand in a semifinal game in 92 World Cup and there was never a looking back for him after that. He is the only Pakistani batsmen to score ten thousand plus runs in ODIs and he took 15812 balls to achieve that.

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