Top 5 most controversial cricket umpires ever

Top 5 Most controversial cricket umpires ever

Top 5 Most controversial cricket umpires ever: Cricket and controversy share an unbreakable bond right since the inception of the sport. Cricket is a game where Umpires masks the face of justice as their decisions hold paramount significance in the outcome of the game. Although, each and every decision of umpires have a noteworthy effect on the game but it is always too much to expect them to be dead right. For the purpose, various technologies have also been inducted in the game like the Decision Review System (DRS).

Generally, the wrong decisions by the Umpires en route their name in the newspaper headlines. But, there are certain umpires who have always been surrounded by controversies and have hogged the limelight for wrong reasons.

Today, we make a list of Top 5 most controversial cricket umpires:

1. Steve Bucknor (West Indies):

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Steve Bucknor is not only the most experienced umpire cricket has ever seen but was more popular for the controversial calls he took on the field. Sachin Tendulkar was regarded as Bucknor’s bunny, as he was always on the receiving end of his erring decisions. It was a streak which had started from 1992 and lasted till 2008 when finally his awful decisions crossed every tolerance limit and subsequently Bucknor didn’t get to umpire in an Indian international fixture ever after the Sydney Test of 2008.

After the match, even the legendary umpire Dickie Bird felt that, “he had gone on too long.” Apart from all that Steve Bucknor also disgraced Rahul Dravid by mimicking him for which the West Indian was fined 50 percent of his match fees.