Twitter Reactions: Fans react to the new team India jersey for the T20 WC 2021

Twitter Reactions: Fans react to the new team India jersey for the T20 WC 2021

The new jersey has received mixed responses from the fans.

Team India jersey for T20 World Cup
Team India jersey for T20 World Cup. (Photo Source: MPL Sports)

The Indian cricket team finally has a separate jersey for the T20Is after MPL Sports launched a new jersey for the upcoming season. MPL Sports got the rights for the kit manufacturing for the Indian team in 2020. The contract was previously held by Nike for more than a decade. The new jersey will also be used at the upcoming T20 World Cup 2021 in the UAE. 

Last year when the MPL Sports came into the picture as the kit manufacturers of the Indian team, they launched a jersey, which resembled India’s jersey from the 1992 World Cup. The jersey was hence known as the retro shirt. But, MPL Sports didn’t have a separate T20 jersey as the same jersey was worn in the ODIs and T20Is. 

Before MPL Sports, Nike had two jerseys simultaneously between 2016 and 2020, one for T20Is and one for ODIs. The new jersey by MPL Sports seems like a return to that period. Though, there has been no clarification made if the existing retro jersey will still be in use for ODIs or not. 

The new jersey also sports a new shade of blue. There is a bit of orange, which has been a secondary colour of several team India kits over the last few years. There have been rumours that India could also have an additional away jersey, but considering the fact that the tournament will be organised by India, the chances of that seem unlikely.

A new shade of blue seen on the Indian team jersey

During the 2019 Cricket World Cup, India wore the away jersey against England, but they were an away team in that tournament. Coming back to the shade of blue, it is unlike any of the recent jerseys worn by the Indian team. The blue in the retro jersey was dark while the 2007 and 2011 World Cup jerseys were a light blue and slightly darker than light blue (Prussian shade). This color looks more like royal blue. 

MPL Sports is expected to launch the jersey for the T20 World Cup 2021 separately tonight (October 13) at 22:40 IST. The jersey is expected to be the same but will not include the sponsors, Byjus and MPL Sport in front. Instead, the logo of the tournament will be seen on the right side of the chest while the team’s name will be positioned in the middle, as per the standard rules for any ICC event. Here’s how fans reacted to India’s new jersey.