Twitter Reactions: Steve Smith collapses after being hit by Jofra Archer’s brutal bouncer

Twitter Reactions: Steve Smith collapses after being hit by Jofra Archer’s brutal bouncer

Smith walked off the field after the incident.

Steve Smith got hit on neck by Jofra Archer
Steve Smith got hit on the neck by Jofra Archer. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The ongoing second Ashes Test has been marred by rain so far but the action out in the middle on the fourth day has been so exciting. Steve Smith once again stood firm with the wickets falling at the other end. The world was looking forward to his battle with the debutant Jofra Archer and it lived up to the expectations. The Caribbean born cricketer steamed in at pace during his third spell of the day and stunned Smith by hitting him on the hand.

Archer bowled a well-directed bouncer at Smith which the batsman tried to sway away from only for the ball to hit his hand with no protection. The physio attended him and Smith was grimacing in pain. He took the guard then and decided to continue batting even in pain. But he was certainly unsettled with the way Archer was bowling and suddenly looked iffy while facing Archer.

The deadly blow!

However, the worse was yet to follow. Jofra Archer was literally steaming in at pace and delivering the bouncers at will. Steve Smith somehow played out a couple of bouncer from him but the second delivery of the 77th over witnessed something deadly which no one would’ve dreamt of. Rather Australia would’ve reminded of Phil Hughes the way Smith collapsed after being hit.

Smith took on the short ball off the first delivery smashing it for four and Archer delivered another bouncer on the very next attempt. This time around, even before the batsman could think of countering the bouncer, it came up to Smithy like a rapid rush. Moreover, the lack of bounce meant that Smith couldn’t successfully sway away from the ball and hit him flush in the neck-jaw area.

Steve Smith literally collapsed after being hit and there were concerned faces all around the ground. The physios from both the teams rushed to the ground even as England players surrounded him while Australian players looked extremely worried about their teammate. The scenes were absolutely stunning as the memories of Phil Hughes falling in the domestic game five years ago came back.

However, the steely Smith stood up much to the relief of everyone but this time he was literally stunned with what happened and one can only imagine the pain he went through. He walked off the field to a standing ovation retired hurt on 80 and might not return to bat again in the innings or even in the match.

Twitterati was concerned about Steve Smith soon after the incident and hoped that he was fine. Even the cricketers voiced their support towards best Test batsman in the world and hoped for him to recover soon from the blow.

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