An unknown engineer applies for the head coach position of the Indian cricket team

It will be exciting to see who BCCI and the CAC choose as the next coach of India.

Virat Kohli
India’s captain Virat Kohli. (Photo by JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

The Kohli-Kumble saga has taken a huge toll on Indian cricket. There have been various rumours coming out from different sources every single day. Many former coaches, other legends have had their say, some are backing Virat Kohli while some are bashing him. It has been a ruckus at the moment.



An engineer applies for the spot

A man from Bengal, an engineer by qualification, Upendra Nath Brahmachari has applied for the position of the head coach of Team India. This person has emailed BCCI about the same and called Anil Kumble a legendary player and a coach. A certain Upendra promises to take out all the “arrogance” out of the allegedly “arrogant” Indian captain.

The email was made public by It said, “I am en engineer and working with a MNC in the construction field and I don’t have the experiences required by BCCI. But still, I feel that I would be the right choice for the said post.

“After the resignation of the legendary cricketer Mr Anil Kumble I decided to apply [for] the post of head coach of Indian cricket team (Men’s) as I feel that the captain of Team India, Mr. Virat Kohli doesn’t need a legend as coach. If the CAC select any former cricketer (as per the requirement of BCCI’s advertisement) as coach he will also be insulted by Virat the outcome will be like Anil.”

He gave them a few reasons as to why should they appoint him as the coach. He said that he will bring Virat back on track and then they can appoint any legendary coach they want.  “Why I should be appointed as the head coach? Because I can adjust with the arrogant attitude of the captain & no legend can do so and slowly I will drag him to the right track & then BCCI can appoint a legend as the head coach,” Upendra wrote.

“Hence it’s my modest request, considering the above thinks [sic] please give me a chance to face the VAC and appoint me as the head coach of the Indian cricket team (Men’s),” he added.

The race

There have been many names in the race to succeed Anil Kumble and Tom Moody with Virender Sehwag are the front runners to get the seat. However, the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) has been hard at work for finding the right man for the most coveted job in world cricket. There have been many who have applied for the job but not all are as qualified as the shortlisted ones.

It will be exciting to see who BCCI and the CAC choose as the next coach for the Indian team. It will be hard for the successor to match Kumble’s success as he was impeccable during the home season. Given the history it is most likely to be an Indian coach because the Indians have done very well compared to the other coaches.