Vinod Kambli gets emotional after Arjun Tendulkar picks his first wicket

Vinod Kambli gets emotional after Arjun Tendulkar picks his first wicket

Arjun picked a wicket only in the second over of his spell.

Arjun Tendulkar
Arjun Tendulkar. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Arjun Tendulkar made his debut at the U19 level for India on Tuesday in the first of the two-match Youth Test series. Many are expecting him to make it to the senior national side soon and shine like his father Sachin Tendulkar who mesmerized the fans all over the world with his batting for almost 24 years. Arjun also picked the first wicket of his career only in the second over. However, Vinod Kambli was the happiest person after watching him pick his first wicket and wished him a lot of success in his career.

The friendship between Sachin and Kambli is a famous story as they began their international careers together. They had come into the limelight after stitching a world-record partnership then while playing for Shardashram Vidyamandir against St Xavier’s High School back in 1988.

As things panned out, the stylish left-hander was left behind and his best friend became the best batsman in the World. But their special camaraderie towards each other is still the same.

Kambli’s tweet

The video of Arjun Tendulkar picking his first wicket is going viral now on social media and Vinod Kambli also came across it. He got emotional after watching the son of his best friend achieving success and took to Twitter to express himself.

Kambli recalled the hard work Arjun has put so far to play at the U19 level and wished him all the success in the years to come. “Tears of joy rolled down when I saw this, have seen him grow up and put in the hard work in his game. Could not be more happy for you, Arjun. This is just the beginning, I wish you tons and ton of success in the days to come. Cherish your first wicket and enjoy the moment,” his tweet read.

Arjun scalped the wicket of Kamil Mishara early in the game with the new ball and got his team off to a good start. He is yet to add more wickets to his tally and would be hoping to shine with the bat as well.

Here’s Kambli’s tweet:

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