Virat Kohli and Dwayne Bravo flaunt their unresistant dance moves

Virat Kohli and Dwayne Bravo flaunt their unresistant dance moves

Both the talented cricketers are known to be excellent entertainers both on and off the field.

Virat Kohli and Dwayne Bravo
Virat Kohli and Dwayne Bravo (Photo Source: Instagram)

When we talk about entertainers on the cricketing field, the names of Virat Kohli and Dwayne Bravo are bound to be at the top of the list, owing to their ability to hit those exquisite boundaries and sixers in style. However, when we are left to ponder on cricketers who are equally entertaining off the field, the same two names appear in our recollections once again. Recently, the stylish duo were seen shaking and showing off their dance moves a leg at an event.

Both Kohli and Bravo have been participants in the Indian Premier League (IPL) for years now. Apart from having played for the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) for seasons at an end, the two share a great bond between themselves. Kohli and Bravo were recently present at the launch event of the former’s head gear brand.

Kohli, Bravo show off their dance moves

Bravo has been known for putting on display unique dance moves on the field every time he takes a catch or dismisses a batsman in an IPL match. On the other hand, Virat Kohli has never shied away from shaking a leg, be it at Yuvraj Singh’s wedding or his own. So, it was pretty obvious that a smashing pair as this would set the dance floor on fire if they were under the same roof.

Videos showing Kohli-Bravo dancing away to glory have surface on the social media, winning hearts of fans all over the globe. The two, along with Harbhajan Singh, were present at a head gear launch event. This brand is a pet project and venture of Kohli, himself, who already owns various business enterprises like a restaurant and a gym chain. Bravo graced the occasion with a new song of his, to the beats of which the two were seen producing some quirky moves.

Here are the videos of Kohli and Bravo shaking a leg:

On the cricket field, Dwayne Bravo has been in a stunning form of late. His blazing match-winning innings worth 68 runs against the Mumbai Indians was indeed, a treat to the eyes. On the other hand, Virat Kohli seems to have regained his touch with his innings of 57 runs against the Rajasthan Royals, albeit in a losing cause.