Virat Kohli asks for a holiday citing personal reasons, awaits permission

Virat Kohli has been looking to get away from cricket in the month of December.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli celebrates his hundred. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Virat Kohli has been playing every game since the start of the long home season. He first led his team invincibility at home. Then went to the Champions Trophy and went all the way to the finals only to lose it. The West Indies and the Sri Lanka tour came up next and Kohli was a constant on the team. It has been a long year for the Indian captain.

Yesterday’s match saw him get a century and fatigue is not even in the question but the Indian skipper is in dire need for some rest. He has been gruelingly busy and this might take a toll on his body as well. That said, Virat has asked for a holiday and is awaiting confirmation. The 28-year-old demanded for a much needed holiday for himself and BCCI is thinking over it.


Virat might miss the upcoming Sri Lanka series

Virat Kohli has been looking to get away from cricket in the month of December. If that happens India will have to play a Test and an entire One Day and T20 series without their captain. Virat has asked for a holiday citing personal reasons and BCCI’s response will mostly be positive.

India is scheduled to play three Tests first, out of which two will be played in November, then three ODIs and then three T20s. Virat is set to miss all the action that takes place in December. If granted the holiday, Kohli will make his comeback against South Africa in South Africa. That tour might need some refueling and his December holiday might be one.

Virat also talked about rotating his players as the upcoming schedule is extremely hectic. He said that players need rest and sometimes fatigue plays its part in a loss. New Zealand has not played much cricket after the Champions Trophy and hence took the advantage of the tiresome Indians.

He said, “Yes, we have spoken about the schedule, it’s become quite hectic. That’s something we will definitely have to sit and discuss in future. Because, if you look at New Zealand, they haven’t played any cricket after Champions Trophy. There has been such a good lay off. It can be the difference in doing well in a big tournament and performing poorly.”