Virat Kohli opts for a DRS decision without taking Dhoni’s advice and it was a review in vain

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Indian skipper Virat Kohli was seen taking some risky and impulsive decisions as captain, regarding the Decision review System (DRS) in the Test series earlier, and he did the same today. But, he has been doing a fairly good job in the ODI series so far because he has opted to fall back on former skipper and wicketkeeper MS Dhoni’s view regarding the decisions.

In the 1st ODI, we saw Dhoni still in the hangover of captaincy decided to signal for the DRS before Virat Kohli, the captain himself could. Naturally, Virat has immense faith in Dhoni’s appeals like he mentioned in the press conference ahead of the 1st ODI that the former skipper’s accuracy is what he relies on as he saw a stat of 95% of his appeals being correct.


However, Kohli is still getting used to the captaincy and their experiment with the DRS. He opted for a poor review today to take a review after the 2nd delivery of the 28th over from Jasprit Bumrah. What remained the highlight of the moment was that consultation with Dhoni came a little late. Kohli misjudged a delivery good enough for Eoin Morgan’s wicket and went for the review the very instant.

Kohli himself was very confident about that being a successful appeal, but Dhoni’s confidence is important especially when it comes to DRS. He along with Bumrah was appealing too, and perhaps that’s what encouraged Kohli to go for it, but Dhoni didn’t suggest going for the review. The skipper instinctively made the ‘T’ sign and asked for it while Dhoni from behind was trying to stop him from doing that. Eventually, we saw some disappointed faces as the decision remained not out and India had wasted a review.

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The bottom line remains that if Dhoni is not confident about something, it’s better not to risk it. Virat must be doing a good job as the captain so far, but he needs Dhoni’s calmness along with his own pro-active aggression to get better at the job. And we’re certain he’ll take this as a learning lesson as they both smiled it off.

Here are some tweets that suggested Kohli should accept the fact that DRS = Dhoni Review System.