When the Indian selectors got it all wrong

When the Indian selectors got it all wrong

Indian selection meeting
BCCI selection meeting. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Well, to begin with, this is not to offend any of the selection panel members of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and neither it is a dig on the player selections for the Zimbabwe and West Indies tour. The Indian selection panel have certainly put in place competitive squads for the two upcoming tours but in the process, have still managed to get something all wrong!

The team sheets that the BCCI circulated on the social media apparently had not just one spelling error, a typo as they call it, but many. In the squad that has been penned downed for the Zimbabwe tour, there are as many as 4 names being spelled wrong.

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Manish Pandey saw his name being written as ‘Maneesh’ and the master who wrote the document didn’t like the letter ‘I’ for sure as he preferred writing ‘Jaspreet’ for Jasprit Bumrah. Yuzvendra Chahal would definitely like a better effort than ‘Yajuvendra’, a name that makes him sound already a couple of years elder. Ambati Rayudu was perhaps the worst affected if we could put it that way. He had his name and the surname misspelled with ‘Ambatti Raydu’.

Anyone who reads through the Test squad for the West Indies tour will first get his eyeballs glued to the desperate overwritten attempt to get the spelling of Pujara right. Bhuvneshwar seemed to be a big name for the allotted space, and no wonder why his name was shortened down to ‘Bhuvanesh Kumar’ in the team list. Lastly, Mohammad Shami faced the heat from the pen and paper too, as he would have wondered who ‘Mohamed Shami’ was.

The typos at a glance:

Manish Pandey – Maneesh Pandey

Jasprit Bumrah – Jaspreet Bumrah

Yuzvendra Chahal – Yajuvendra Chahal

Ambati Rayudu – Ambatti Raydu

Mohammad Shami – Mohamed Shami

Bhuvneshwar Kumar – Bhuvanesh Kumar

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