4 Deadliest on-field collisions

4 Deadliest on-field collisions

4 Deadliest on-field collisions: Cricket field has seen some of the most fear stirring incidents that left the players shaken and the spectators in shock. Accidents have been a part of the game since the very beginning some not so much effective while others lethal. Like a coin with two sides cricket provides us with entertainment and joy but on the other side it has some threats.

Some of these on-field collisions led to long term after effects. The situations that led to the collisions can be stated as the desperation and passion to win or the carelessness of the fielders.

Here are 4 Deadliest on-field collisions:

1. Brendon McCullum and Kyle Mills – The blow:

On his comeback game after his battle with cancer, Yuvraj Singh was smashing the ball all around the cricket ground against New Zealand. Yuvraj top-edged a short delivery and it lingered in air, Brendon McCullum the New Zealand wicket keeper ran back towards with his gloves stretched, unaware of his team-mate Kyle Mills advancing towards him, both had their eyes on the ball.

McCullum ran down smashing Mills face. Mills was a bigger concern than the dropped catch as the collision gave him swollen eye. McCullum rolled over Mills and fell at quite some distance. Mills was lying on the ground after he took a blow from the elbow on his head. After the on-field treatment he walked off the field as the camera focused on his bruised eye that had turned black from internal hemorrhage.