5 famous idiosyncrasies in cricket

5 famous idiosyncrasies in cricket

Most of these idiosyncrasies are hardcoded into the minds of cricketers and are something which is not done intentionally at all times.

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar six. (Photo Source: GettyImages)

Perhaps, more than any other sport, cricketers come under great scrutiny than any other sportsmen. While the game is highly enjoyable and entertaining, cricket is also a breeding ground for many unnoticed, minute details. Superstitions amongst the players are something that we often come across. Howbeit, there are several idiosyncrasies that we often come across, yet ignore most of the times.

These actions, that are unique to certain cricketers, are hardcoded into their minds and draw a great deal of interest when observed carefully. Right from Steve Smith to Sachin Tendulkar, many of the cricketers have their own, little idiosyncrasies. Here, we have a close look at some of the cricketers whose idiosyncrasies are very famous.

Idiosyncrasies in cricket:

1. Steve Smith

Steve Smith
Steve Smith. (Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images)

Former Australian skipper Steve Smith has got one of the most unusual stances. He stands in a typical position with his back foot to the right of his left foot and leaves a very little gap between the pads. Starting from being a leg-spinner, the progress for him as a batsman is remarkable. At the same time, he does his own rituals before every ball that he faces. The right-hander has got a unique idiosyncrasy that he follows before every ball that he faces.

(i) Smith lifts up both his legs one-after-one, left leg first and the right next as he gets into his stride. While the leg is in the air, he touches the pad with his right hand. Then, he taps his bat twice, swings it up and down in the air followed by another two or three taps. He somewhat ducks slightly, twice to be precise, before he shuffles across to his right and hits the ball.

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