5 Father-son pairs who have appeared in the same cricket match

There are instances where some of the father-son pairs have made this impossible-looking thing possible.

George and George Vernon Gunn
George and George Vernon Gunn. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Cricket is a competitive sport where players spend their whole life in earning a reputation of a good cricketer. From the beginning, every player dreams to play competitive cricket at a certain level. However, in a crowd of million people, some successfully to make it to the big stage but not all. And it is a harsh reality associated with the sports since its inception.

Meanwhile, there are some lucky cases where the father and the son, both hit the spotlight in their respective cricketing careers. Moreover, if both get to play together in the same game in competitive cricket, then it is a dream-come-true for any father.

Fans will think that how is it possible that the duo father and son can play together in the same game. However, there are instances where some of the father-son pairs have made this impossible-looking thing possible.

Let’s list out five father-son pair that played in the same cricket match:

1. Lala and Surinder Amarnath

Lala and Surinder Amarnath
Lala and Surinder Amarnath. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Lala Amarnath made his Test debut for Team India back in 1933 and went onto play 24 Tests in which he scored 874 runs with the help of one ton and 4 fifties. Later, his son Surinder Amarnath carried forward his father’s legacy and he also played for the national team in 10 Tests. However, the biggest moment for both the players came in 1963 when Lala Amarnath and Surinder Amarnath featured in the same game.

In 1963, five games were organized in order to raise some funds for the defence of the country. In the fourth game of the tournament, Maharashtra Chief Minister’s XI locked horns with Maharashtra Governor’s XI. It was the debut for 15-year-old Surinder Amarnath in First-class cricket.

Interestingly, Lala Amarnath, who was 52-year-old, also played in that game but in the opposite team. In that game, junior Amarnath hogged the spotlight with a fine knock of 86 whereas Lala Amarnath also scored 40+ runs in his innings.


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