‘Baap re baap’ – The new India-Pakistan Ad is the ‘baap’ of all other ads

India and Pakistan are set to lock horns on June 16.

India v Pakistan
India v Pakistan. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Team India will be facing New Zealand in their next encounter in the World Cup 2019. But there is already a huge deal of excitement about the battle against Pakistan. This is one of the most-anticipated encounters in the tournament and is a highly-rated one. While a normal India-Pakistan encounter/series keeps the fans glued to their television sets, a World Cup game is a different level of entertainment. With the India-Pakistan World Cup game comes the customary ‘Mauka mauka’ ad.

This is easily one of the most loved television commercials by the Indian fans and is equally hated on the other side of the border. Nonetheless, it is highly entertaining and the latest version of it will surely leave you in splits. In the history of the World Cup, India and Pakistan faced each other on six occasions thus far. All the six times, it was the ‘Men in Blue’ who emerged triumphs. Star Sports made a creative commercial out of this scenario and it gained great attention all across the world.


Mauka Mauka Back with a bang

16 June 2019 – The day on which the age-old rivalry between India and Pakistan will revive once again. This is the same day when ‘Father’s Day’ is celebrated and the advertisement makes the best use of the occasion. In the advertisement, a Bangladesh fan comes up to the Pakistan fan and wishes him the best for the ‘Mauka mauka – Version 7’.

In his reply, the Pakistan fan says, “Koshish kartey rehna chahiye. Kya hai ki, koshish karne waalon ki na, kabhi haar nahi hoti hai. Ek din, zaroor kaamyaab hotey hai. Aise abbu kaha karte the.” [Meaning: We should keep trying. The one who keeps trying can never lose. One day, they will surely succeed. My father used to tell this.”]

An Indian fan, who is sitting right there then asks: “Chup pagle! Maine aisa kab kaha?” The Pakistan fan tries to reply to this question but then realises that the Indian fan was sarcastic. Apparently, the Indian fan wanted to convey that he was the ‘baap’ (father). In Hindi, this kind of a slang expression is used when people try to communicate that they are better than the other.

Here’s the video: