I don't joke around in the ground, MS Dhoni's response to Suresh Raina's statement

I don’t joke around in the ground, MS Dhoni’s response to Suresh Raina’s statement

There are many zones in the middle of it where you enjoy and make fun: MS Dhoni

Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni India
Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Out of favour Indian batsman Suresh Raina’s statement on MS Dhoni has caused unrest among cricket lovers. In an episode of the chat show ‘Breakfast with Champions’, Raina had said that Dhoni isn’t captain cool, and he reacts according to the camera. Raina is known to be a close friend of Dhoni, as both have played for the same IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings and have been seen together many a times.

Dhoni is known for his calm and composure and he is fondly called ‘captain cool’ by fans and followers. He is known to be one of the coolest heads around and never cracks under pressure. But Raina’s recent comment has come out as a revelation of sorts.

Dhoni responds to Raina’s statement

Dhoni tackled the query with a straight bat and defended his stand in a light manner. “There are many zones in the middle of it where you enjoy and make fun. Once (I am playing) in the ground, I do not joke around, but inside the dressing room, I enjoy a lot. I conduct myself according to how I think I should conduct myself in different areas,” said Dhoni.

Dhoni on Indo-Pak ties

Speaking at an event conducted by Indian Army in North Kashmir, the former Indian skipper also shared his opinion on the possibility of engaging in bilateral series with Pakistan.

“When it comes to India-Pakistan cricket, it is not just sports, but becomes much bigger than that. It is not a simple decision, but a diplomatic and a political decision,” said Dhoni after visiting the camps. “So, it is a big decision and I think we should leave it to the government to decide. If the government decides, we will go and play and if they decide against it, we will play some other series,” he said.