IPL: Salaries of Cheerleaders of every team

Here we bring you all the details about the earnings of the cheerleaders of every team in the IPL.

Kolkata Knight Riders cheerleaders
Kolkata Knight Riders cheerleaders. (Photo Source: Gulf News)

The advent of the Indian Premier League (IPL) provided a great platform for the youngsters to display their skills against some of the best cricketers in the world. The tournament also brought into the picture the cheerleaders in the game of cricket for the first time. During the course of every match, these cheerleaders, wearing skimpy outfits, display their scintillating dancing moves. Their job is to entertain the crowd and keep them engaged with the game happening in the middle.

Ever wondered how much these cheerleaders earn during the tournament every year? Their earnings are based on per match salary and there is even bonus for appearing in various events and after their teams winning the match. On an average, they are known to earn Rs 6000 to Rs 12000 per match apart from bonus which they get after a team wins the match which is around Rs 3000. They also get paid around Rs 7000 to Rs 12000 for extra appearances like in opening ceremony etc. and for photo shoots.

However, their per-match salaries vary with every team and here we bring you all the details about the earnings of the cheerleaders of every team in the IPL.

1. Delhi Daredevils

Delhi Daredevils cheerleaders
Delhi Daredevils cheerleaders. (Photo Source: Twitter)

GMR Group owned Delhi Daredevils are yet to win the coveted trophy even after its 10 editions and are eyeing to triumph this year. Though their squad of cheerleaders have always tried to give their best to entertain the crowd and inspire their side. Usually dressed in the white short dress with blue stripes, these ladies earn around Rs 9700 for every match their team plays during the season. According to tsmsportz.com, their annual earnings go up to Rs. 2.5 Lakhs which is staggering.

Team Per Match Salary (in Rs) Bonus & Events (in Rs) Annual Earnings (in Rs)
Delhi Daredevils 9.5k – 10k N/A 250k – 260k

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