Night won’t stop me, Day wont stop me: Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle Cricketing trends
Chris Gayle ( Photo Source: Twitter)

West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle recently opened up about his life, his parties and more importantly the heart operation that changed his life. Gayle credits the surgery, which he underwent in Melbourne, for helping him see life as he does and admits it scared him to think about the inconsistent heart murmurs which curbed him during the initial days of his Test career.

In an exclusive interview with Fox Sports Australia, the burly left-hander said, “That’s why I don’t really take on what people say, because they haven’t experienced certain things and know what a particular person is going through, or how a person feels.”


“When they see people having fun, let them live their life. People should live their life how they want. At the end of the day, it’s their life” he added.

Gayle revealed, he didn’t tell anyone about his surgery, he was that tensed. “I didn’t want to scare them. So I called them after. “If I did die on the bed, I wouldn’t have had a chance to tell them. I think I cheated death by doing such a thing.”

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In his latest book ‘Six Machine’, he wrote, “In that moment I realize I have changed. Looking down at the wires, the patches, my heart no longer jumping under my skin, I make the vow.

“From this day on, I’m going to enjoy life endlessly. Whenever – God’s will – I get better, I’m going to do everything to the fullest.

“No waiting, no hedging, no compromises, no apologies.

“Night won’t stop me, dawn won’t stop me.

“Wherever I go I’m going to have fun.”

He also said that he gives enough rest to his body, and people should just not tag him as a ‘party animal’. “That’s what people don’t understand. They see me party but I make sure I get my seven hours sleep, he said. “They think I don’t sleep. But I do sleep a lot. Sleep is key. Ask anyone – they know when not to contact Chris. Because I’m sleeping. I sleep during the day.”

Gayle also mentioned that he right away hit the floor as soon as he traveled back to Jamaica. The flamboyant West Indian’s lifestyle is much talked about after he posted certain pictures on Instagram that made him a cult figure.