Rating 10 best ODI teams of this decade

Rating 10 best ODI teams of this decade

Which team according to you was the best?

Indian Team
Indian team (Photo by Kerry Marshall/Getty Images)

A decade is a very long time. There are plenty of things that change through the course of ten years. The United States of America has had two different presidents. Similarly, India has witnessed a new Prime Minister who has taken charge for the second consecutive term now. And likewise, One-Day International Cricket (ODI) has undergone several touch-ups and modifications. There was a time when just one ball used to be used in an ODI inning and reverse swing prevailed.

The rules for the powerplay were different and the batting team could choose when they wanted to take the third powerplay. But ten years down the line, several things have changed. The compositions of most of the teams are different now. The rules are different. Three World Cups were played in the last decade. Teams have become more competitive and ODI cricket has hardly lost its importance despite the onset of T20 cricket.

Here is the rating for the top 10 ODI teams for their performance in this decade (2010-2019):

10. West Indies – 3/10

West Indies (Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images)

The standards of West Indies cricket have dipped at an alarming rate in this decade. Most of their players have looked to focus on the shortest format of the game and thus the results in the ODI format haven’t been great. In fact, the win-loss ratio for the West Indies in worse than any other side in the top-10.

Even teams like Afghanistan and Ireland have a better ratio than the Caribbean side. West Indies hardly had any phase in this decade where they performed really well. They registered some good victories at the start. With the emergence of various T20 leagues, they slowly started falling apart.

When the DJ Bravo and his men pulled out of the series against India in 2014, it wasn’t great scenes. They had to rebuild from thereon but weren’t really successful with the same. In 193 matches, the West Indies managed to win only 68 games and lost 112.