Shahid Afridi picks his best knock, most embarrassing moment of his career

Shahid Afridi picks his best knock, most embarrassing moment of his career

Afridi keeping all the rivalry and ideological differences aside named his favourite player.

Shahid Afridi
Shahid Afridi of Pakistan. (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

Former Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi is known for his uncomplicated game where he just went out with a unidirectional approach to see the ball and hit the ball. He was recently in controversy for his statements regarding the Kashmir issue which wasn’t received well on the Indian side and a lot of cricketers also took a stand against it.

However, the on-field rivalry, as well as his political affiliation, haven’t changed his appreciation for the players from the neighbouring country. Afridi in a recent interview with FOX Sports Asia with a list of questions also talked about who he thinks is the coolest captain in world cricket and also named his favourite Indian cricketer.

Captain Cool

Former Indian captain MS Dhoni proved to be a natural leader with little experience before taking over the reins of the Indian team he took them to all the possible highs. For the way he goes about business Dhoni has been given the tag of ‘Captain Cool’ and Afridi also named Dhoni the coolest skipper in world cricket.

The current Indian captain Virat Kohli, is at the top of his game with the bat. While he was considered one among the top four for the last few years has edged past them by quite a distance at least in limited-overs cricket.  He has also gifted his Pakistani counterparts his bat. So when Afridi was asked to name his favourite Indian cricketer he said, “Virat Kohli.”

Here is the Q&A with Afridi

Your best ever innings?”

Afridi – 141 against India.

“Your favourite venue?”

A – Sydney Cricket Ground.

“Your favourite wicket?”

A – Brian Lara.

“Your most embarrassing moment?”

A – *Pretends eating the cricket ball* (Referring to the ball tampering incident)

Pakistan needs 75 to win from 5 overs, you are at the crease, any batting partner you had to want?”

A – Abdul Razzaq.

‘Favourite sportsperson?’

A – Mohammed Ali and Jehangir Khan

“Best Leader of the team?”

A – Wasim Akram.

“Sachin Tendulkar or Brian Lara”

A – Brian Lara.

“Shane Warne or Muralitharan”

A- Shane Warne.

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