Then, Now, Forever, Alastair Cook

Then, Now, Forever, Alastair Cook

England team won’t ever emit the same fragrance without the left-handed batsman.

Kevin Pietersen and Alastair Cook of England celebrate the Ashes win. (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images)

September 3, 2018- It was celebration time for England, why not? The Brits inflicted India with yet another setback. Joe Root’s men haven’t had much to cheer in Test cricket in the last one year and the coup was nothing, but ointment to their lacerated skin. Just when the world seemed a seraphic place to live for the Three Lions, something startling surfaced-

“At 12 o’clock I am expecting a major announcement from @ECB_cricket. I will report it at midday on @bbc5live”

The tweet from Jonathan Agnew of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) sent shivers down the spine. Numerous possibilities jarred the veins of the brains, one of them definitely was- will one of England’s greatest batsmen bid adieu? Will Alastair Cook give up the ghost? Or is the mind superfluously directing the thoughts to his direction?

And then at 12:00 pm Local Time England:


Oh Selfless Cook

Even as the Poms were busy carving a triumph against a hapless bunch of Virat Kohli and Co, Cook was busy scripting his own story in which he placed himself as a pawn in a chess board, a tad powerless, but a quintessential element of the rectangular board. For the Englishman, it was the 22-yards. He didn’t care that he was about to shelve his national jersey, once and for all.

All it mattered to him was an English victory, he held himself back, curbed his emotions, delayed his goodbye speech- he dearly wanted his teammates to drool over the victory and the entire nation to cheer in unison for them. He was aware of what it meant to the boys. Cook didn’t want his announcement to snatch the glorious moments away for his beloved mates.

Such was the time when he could’ve afforded to have been selfish, something he wouldn’t have been accused of. However, he allowed the jubilation to calm down. And then, he came out of the smokescreen to hit the nails on the head and slide the dagger of words into the hearts of his supporters. Everything came to a standstill for a while after which the cricketing world rose to applaud the genius.

We understand

Alastair Cook
Alastair Cook of England. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

“Although it is a sad day, I can do so with a big smile on my face knowing I have given everything and there is nothing left in the tank,”

In his last 27 Test innings in a tad over a year, he breached the 50-run mark only twice. It was more of ‘Alas’tair Cook rather than Alastair Cook himself. The colourless phase was tugging at his heartstrings, yet he carried on, hoping to solve the mystery of the Chinese puzzle. Neither did he know, that he would end up on his knees, eventually, nor did his supporters.

Four months ago, AB de Villiers retired citing tiredness as a reason, which doesn’t warrant questioning by any means. Cook didn’t vent his frustration out, he’s not someone, who prefers to wear his heart on his sleeve, but in the end, both are humans composed of blood and sweat. He wore a ‘big smile’ while putting forth his decision, but did he actually smile?

Or was it to fleece the tears that were raring to flush down his cheeks. He may be questioned for leaving England’s opening stand in further woes, but was it a reason strong enough to let the demons of the brain pin him mentally and emotionally? It’s for us to decide, however, first and foremost it’s necessary to put ourselves in Cook’s shoes and then picturise the sequence of events.

The secure legacy

Alastair Cook
Alastair Cook of England raises his bat as he leaves the ground on 104 not out. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

July 20, 2017- The dreadful day when Linkin Park’s very own, people’s heartthrob Chester Bennington embraced the heavens. Nevertheless, even after a year, his inheritance remains unscathed. Ask keyboardist Michael Shinoda, who asks the audience to sing Chester’s part in his live shows as a part of paying tribute to the deceased American singer.

In 12 years, Cook knitted several laurels and when one turns over the pages of English cricket after a decade, his accomplishments would be dazzling with all its might, showing what their cricket had lost a few years ago. Just as to how Linkin Park won’t be the same without Chester, England’s team won’t ever emit the same fragrance without the left-handed batsman.

Just like Chester, Cook’s fans wouldn’t have wished for their ‘hero’ to stop weaving his magic so early. Meanwhile, Cook’s ta-ta rewinds the memories to a melodic number named ‘One More Light’, which released after Chester’s demise.

Who cares if one more light goes out?
In a sky of a million stars
It flickers, flickers
Who cares when someone’s time runs out?

Yes, I do

Leave in peace Alastair ‘Pole Star’ Cook.

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