Three records Rohit Sharma achieved but Virat Kohli couldn't

Three records Rohit Sharma achieved but Virat Kohli couldn’t

Both are indispensable members of the Indian limited-overs team.

Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma
Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The performance pressure in today’s game of cricket is so high that only a few players with tough character are able to cope with it. Not just players cope with the pressure but use it to their advantage to achieve heights in the career and create records. Also, very few players are able to make a come back after too many failed opportunities during the initial stage of the career. Such is the level of cricket these days.

One such player who has set the precedent and shown the cricketing fraternity what he is capable of doing after the forgettable start to his career is Rohit Sharma. The Indian vice-captain is the perfect example of a person possessing a tough mental character and never-say-die attitude, which has made him what he is today in his professional career. Undoubtedly, the Mumbai-born is India’s second best player after skipper Virat Kohli while in some areas even better than his Delhi counterpart.

Although the Indian skipper is enjoying the form of his life reaching milestones after milestones and creating or overtaking records, there are few records which he still couldn’t win from Rohit. The healthy competition running between these two cricketers is one of the major reasons for India’s juggernaut in the international arena. Both love to compete against each other and give their best on the field which is needed in today’s competitive environment.

However, there are few records the 201 ODIs-old Indian opener has in his kitty which would be very difficult for Indian batting great Kohli to achieve or break. Let’s have a look at some of the records which the ‘Hitman’ achieved in his career but ‘Cheeku’ couldn’t.

Highest individual score in an ODI inning (264*)

Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma
Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Rohit Sharma holds the record for the highest individual score (264* off 173 balls) in the 50-overs format which he achieved against Sri Lanka in 2014 at his favourite venue Eden Gardens. On that day, the Hitman was on a rampaging mode, demolishing the Lankan bowlers hitting 33 fours and 9 sixes.

The man with the most number of double centuries (three) in ODI cricket scored more than 65 percent of the team’s total runs (404), single-handedly winning the match for his team as the opposition could only manage to score 251 runs- 13 runs shy of Rohit’s score. Virat Kohli, on the other hand, has the personal highest score of 183 off 148 balls which he scored against arch-rivals Pakistan in 2012.

Although, if we think from cricket’s point of view, the 30-year-old’s score is on a higher side but is not even close to Rohit’s gigantic score. The Delhi-born batsman has to do a lot of hard work to surpass Indian opener’s record of 264 runs in an ODI inning.

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