Clarke is obviously trying to sell his book: Simon Katich

Simon Katich and Michael Clarke
Australian cricketers Michael Clarke (R) and Simon Katich prepare to bat during a training session. (Photo by MANAN VATSYAYANA/AFP/Getty Images)

Michael Clarke’s autobiography has led to a few controversies in recent weeks. Some of the revelations he made about his relationship with his former teammates have been startling and kicked some debates. Reacting to one of Clarke’s claims, former Australian batsman Simon Katich has disapproved Clarke’s claims that the pair has buried their differences.

He says that their relationship is “non-existent”. Clarke has said the disagreeing duo patched things up following an infamous 2009 run-in in the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) dressing room, reports


In his autobiography, Clarke denied playing any role in Katich losing his Cricket Australia contract in 2011. Katich famously grabbed Clarke by the collar in the SCG dressing room, over a disagreement over when the team song would be sung, with Clarke desperate to leave for a prearranged function at a Sydney bar with several team-mates.

Clarke said in his autobiography he called Katich a “weak c***” leading to the opener grabbing him by the collar. The former skipper, however, insisted they have let bygones be bygones. Simon Katich responded to it by saying – Clarke is “obviously trying to sell a book”.

“I think that’s a bit of a stretch to say that we’re mates,” Katich said on Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) Grandstand on Sunday.

“It’s (our relationship has) been non-existent, so to suggest that we’re mates now after everything that has happened is a bit (of) a stretch of the imagination.”

He also criticised Clarke for referring to former all-rounder Shane Watson as part of the team’s “tumour”, terming it a “rather ironic” claim.

“I haven’t changed my point of view on the matter. I said what I said a few years ago. I guess at the moment he’s obviously trying to sell a book so it’s amazing how more and more of the story comes out,” Simon Katich said to ABC. We’ve hardly spoken about it, since it all happened.”