DCC Starlets vs Seven Districts, Plate Final - Live Cricket Score

Bukhatir 50 Over League, 2022 | 8 Oct 2022, Sat, 6:30 PM IST | Sharjah Cricket Stadium

ResultSeven Districts won by 84 runs.


282/10 (47.1 ov)



198/10 (42.2 ov)

Wajid KhanWajid Khanc Karan Dhiman b Soorya Sathish582684223.08
Muhammad KashifMuhammad Kashiflbw b Adithya Shetty44724061.11
Muhammad ZameerMuhammad Zameerc Nilansh Keswani b Adithya Shetty513335154.55
Haider Ali-lHaider Ali-lst Shrey Sethi b Angad Nehru1100100.00
Raees AhmedRaees Ahmedc Adithya Shetty b Nilansh Keswani13222059.09
Farooq MohammadFarooq Mohammadlbw b Adithya Shetty21311067.74
Muhammad HaiderMuhammad Haiderrunout (Shrey Sethi / Nilansh Keswani)461066.67
Shahzad AliShahzad Alic Ammar Badami b Punya Mehra53574292.98
Wahab HassanWahab Hassanc Soorya Sathish b Adithya Shetty112008.30
Lahiru Sandaruwan-ILahiru Sandaruwan-Ilbw b Soorya Sathish260033.33
Shahid NawazShahid NawazNot out14181177.80
Extra( b - 1, w - 13, no - 1, lb - 5, p - 0 )20
Total( 5.98 Runs per over )282 (10 Wkts, 47.1 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

74-1 (Wajid Khan, 9.1), 154-2 (Muhammad Zameer, 18.6), 162-3 (Haider Ali-l, 21.3), 166-4 (Muhammad Kashif, 22.3), 192-5 (Raees Ahmed, 28.2), 198-6 (Muhammad Haider, 29.5), 215-7 (Farooq Mohammad, 34.1), 219-8 (Wahab Hassan, 36.3), 226-9 (Lahiru Sandaruwan-I, 38.6), 282-10 (Shahzad Ali, 47.1)

Yug Sharma203000015.00
Nilansh Keswani101611026.10
Sailles Jaishankar71280004.00
Soorya Sathish100682076.80
Adithya Shetty101574025.70
Angad Nehru80321124.00
Punya Mehra0.1001000.00

Ronak PanolyRS Panolyc Haider Ali-l b Raees Ahmed24273188.89
Shrey SethiShrey Sethic Farooq Mohammad b Shahid Nawaz06000.00
Nilansh KeswaniNilansh Keswanib Muhammad Zameer30671044.78
Ammar BadamiAmmar Badamib Raees Ahmed02000.00
Punya MehraPunya Mehralbw b Raees Ahmed280025.00
Karan DhimanKaran Dhimanlbw b Wajid Khan9420225.00
Soorya SathishSoorya Sathishrunout (Shahzad Ali)57754076.00
Adithya ShettyAdithya Shettyb Haider Ali-l37393294.87
Sailles JaishankarSailles Jaishankarb Muhammad Zameer181820100.00
Angad NehruAngad Nehruc Wahab Hassan b Haider Ali-l490044.44
Yug SharmaYug SharmaNot out00000.00
Extra( b - 4, w - 11, no - 1, lb - 1, p - 0 )17
Total( 4.68 Runs per over )198 (10 Wkts, 42.2 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

2-1 (Shrey Sethi, 1.5), 33-2 (Ronak Panoly, 6.4), 33-3 (Ammar Badami, 6.6), 40-4 (Punya Mehra, 10.2), 51-5 (Karan Dhiman, 11.6), 112-6 (Nilansh Keswani, 25.3), 169-7 (Adithya Shetty, 36.4), 180-8 (Soorya Sathish, 39.4), 196-9 (Sailles Jaishankar, 41.6), 198-10 (Angad Nehru, 42.2)

Raees Ahmed80473045.88
Shahid Nawaz60261014.33
Wajid Khan50171033.40
Haider Ali-l7.20352014.77
Lahiru Sandaruwan-I20110015.50
Farooq Mohammad60230003.83
Muhammad Zameer80342104.25



Bukhatir 50 Over League

Date & Time

8 Oct 2022, Sat, 6:30 PM IST


Seven Districts won the toss & elected to bat


Sharjah Cricket Stadium



Match Referee


weatherWeather Report

Clear Sky

PredictionWin Prediction

DCC Starlets

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At 6:30 p.m., DCC Starlets will face Seven Districts in the Plate Final of the Bukhatir 50 Over League. (08th Oct) Sharjah Cricket Stadium is located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Both teams are doing well in this tournament, particularly DCC Starlets, who are currently ranked tenth on the points table. They were recently defeated by SIL by 230 runs on September 26th, but they defeated PAG by 171 runs on September 10th. They have key players in Punya Mehra and Nilansh Keswani as top scorers and Sailles Jaishankar and Nilansh Keswani as top wicket takers, both of whom are performing exceptionally well in the upcoming tournament.

Seven Districts, on the other hand, is unfortunate to be ranked last in the same group after losing all of their matches. This time, Farooq Mohammad and Muhammad Kashif are key players. This match will be thrilling to watch because both teams will give everything they have to win. DCS are free to experiment with their starting lineup and playing strategies, whereas SVD must focus on their strategies based on the strengths and weaknesses of their players.


Shrey Sethiwk
Punya Mehra
Ronak Panoly
Nilansh Keswani
Karan Dhiman
Soorya Sathish
Sailles Jaishankar
Yug Sharma
Ammar BadamiC
Adithya Shetty
Angad Nehru


Tanish Suri
Shival Bawa
Shaurya Singh
Ahaan Fernandes
Aaraash Raheja
Rishabh Mukherjee
Saad Abdullah
Harsh Bobade
Harshit Seth

Raees Ahmed
Wahab Hassan
Shahzad Ali
Wajid Khan
Muhammad HaiderC
Muhammad Zameer
Lahiru Sandaruwan-I
Haider Ali-l
Farooq Mohammad
Shahid Nawaz
Muhammad Kashifwk


Farman Ali
Naveed Haider
Sagheer Afridi
Abdul Ghaffar
Muhammad Saghir Khan
Ajmal Khan
Irfan Taufiq
Muhammad Shoaib Irshad Ahmed
Asif Malik