'We have survived 2004 Tsunami and Chennai floods' - Lakshmipathy Balaji is positive to combat Coronavirus pandemic

‘We have survived 2004 Tsunami and Chennai floods’ – Lakshmipathy Balaji is positive to combat Coronavirus pandemic

Balaji bid adieu to international cricket back in 2016.

Lakshmipathy Balaji
Lakshmipathy Balaji. (Photo by Anesh Debik/Getty Images)

Coronavirus outbreak has made life miserable of human beings on the planet. The researchers are yet to find a solution over the same. In the meantime, Lakshmipathy Balaji, the former Indian fast bowler ha given out his opinion over the same. He feels that the country and world will overcome these crises.

The 38-year-old made his international debut back in 2002 and ended up taking a total of 71 wickets across all the formats. He played for different teams in Indian Premier League like Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings. Also, Balaji had a great time playing in the cash-rich league as he grabbed a total of 76 wickets in 73 games.

Lakshimipathy Balaji looks optimistic amid Coronavirus outbreak

In a recent interview, Lakshmipathy Balaji, the former player said that our ancestors fought with some of the diseases. It is a part of life and our parents have also gone through some tough times in their life. The country survived the natural calamity of 2004 Tsunamis and it is good to watch that people from different countries are coming together and helping each other.

Balaji also recited the fact that it is the need of the hour to stay back at homes in order to stay away from the novel virus. It will be difficult for anyone to go through their day. But, everybody needs to accept reality and stay disciplined. He advised everyone not to take anything lightly and if a person is having a mild fever, then he should get his check-up from the doctor.

“We are designed to survive. Our ancestors were able to fight diseases. Our parents were able to deal with difficult times. Even we have survived crises, the 2004 Tsunami and the Chennai floods to name a few. People are coming together. Countries are offering help to each other, setting aside the differences,” said Balaji as quoted by India Today.

“Respect the time. If you look at how to get through the day, then it’s going to be difficult. You should learn to accept the reality and inculcate self-discipline during these times. Even if we have a mild fever, we listen to the doctor. This is a global health crisis, we have to listen to our health officials. The government is trying to do its job by coming up with good measures. We should be able to follow it,” he added.