Cook Islands vs Samoa, 7th Match - Live Cricket Score

ICC Mens T20 World Cup East Asia Pacific Qualifier A, 2022 | 12 Sep 2022, Mon, 4:00 AM IST | Independence Park, Port Vila

Match Starts In



Sean CotterS Cotterc M Ave b Tomasi Vanuarua01000.00
Uala KaisalaUT Kaisalac Liam Denny b Cory Dickson 16203080.00
Dominic MichaelDP Michaelc Tomasi Vanuarua b Cory Dickson 323212100.00
Saumani TiaiSaumani Tiaib M Ave351424250.00
Caleb Kiran JasmatCaleb Kiran Jasmatc M Ave b William Kokaua181511120.00
Andrew MichaelAJ Michaelc M Ave b Liam Denny171720100.00
Fereti SululotoFereti Sululotoc Tomasi Vanuarua b Liam Denny201303153.85
Samson SolaSamson Solac M Ave b Liam Denny460066.67
James BakerJD BakerNot out130033.33
Douglas FinauDouglas Finaurunout (Aue Parima)00000.00
Yet To Bat: -
Extra( b - 2, w - 11, no - 1, lb - 0, p - 0 )14
Total( 7.85 Runs per over )157 (9 Wkts, 20 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

0-1 (Sean Cotter, 0.1), 46-2 (Uala Kaisala, 6.2), 85-3 (Saumani Tiai, 9.3), 101-4 (Dominic Michael, 12.3), 112-5 (Caleb Kiran Jasmat, 14.3), 144-6 (Fereti Sululoto, 17.4), 155-7 (Andrew Michael, 19.1), 157-8 (Samson Sola, 19.4), 157-9 (Douglas Finau, 19.6)

Tomasi Vanuarua30241038.00
Liam Denny40123013.00
William Kokaua404511511.25
Cory Dickson40282007.00
Maara Ave40381009.50
Tomakanute Riawa1080008.00

Maara AveM AveNot out765934128.81
Davis TeinakiDavis Teinakic DP Michael b Caleb Kiran Jasmat11811137.50
Aue ParimaAue Parimab AJ Michael12711171.43
Thomas ParimaThomas Parimac Caleb Kiran Jasmat b DP Michael360050.00
Cory DicksonCory Dicksonc & b DP Michael6100060.00
Liam DennyLiam Dennyrunout (DP Michael / Caleb Kiran Jasmat)453241140.63
Tomasi VanuaruaTomasi Vanuaruarunout (DP Michael / AJ Michael)00000.00
Tomakanute RiawaTomakanute RiawaNot out00000.00
Yet To Bat: -
Extra( b - 2, w - 1, no - 2, lb - 0, p - 0 )5
Total( 7.90 Runs per over )158 (6 Wkts, 20 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

14-1 (Davis Teinaki, 2.3), 43-2 (Aue Parima, 5.1), 48-3 (Thomas Parima, 6.4), 58-4 (Cory Dickson, 8.3), 149-5 (Liam Denny, 19.3), 150-6 (Tomasi Vanuarua, 19.4)

Caleb Kiran Jasmat40221015.50
Samson Sola40330008.25
Andrew Michael30151005.00
Uili Sofi102401024.00
Dominic Michael40372109.25
Saumani Tiai40250006.25



ICC Mens T20 World Cup East Asia Pacific Qualifier A

Date & Time

12 Sep 2022, Mon, 4:00 AM IST


Cook Islands won the toss & elected to field


Independence Park, Port Vila


Pankaj Patki (Philippines), Lakani Oala (Philippines)

Match Referee


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Clear Sky

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The Cook Islands and Samoa will play the seventh match of the ICC Men's T20 World Cup East Asia Pacific Qualifier 2022 at Independence Park, Port Vila. It will be the second meeting between the two sides. In their first meeting, Samoa crushed the Cook Islands by 7 wickets. However, the Cook Islands enter this match with a momentum, having won their previous encounter by 5 wickets against Vanuatu and they will be seeking retaliation.

Samoa, on the other hand, comes into this encounter with a wound from the last match, as they were defeated by Fiji by three wickets. They have won a single match out of three and are in the third spot on the points table with two points.


Maara Ave
Aue Parima
Cory Dickson
Thomas Parima
Davis Teinaki
Dan Simpson
William Kokaua
Benjamin Vakatini
Liam Denny
Tomakanute Riawa
Tomasi Vanuarua


Hayden Dickson
Glenn Miller
Patiiami Ataela
Chris Mana
Gabe raymond
Pare Rongokea

Uala Kaisala
Dominic Michael
Sean Cotter
Samson Sola
Andrew Michael
James Baker
Saumani Tiai
Uili Sofi
Fereti Sululotowk
Caleb Kiran Jasmat
Douglas Finau


Benjamin Mailata
Bismarck Schuster
Darren Ernest Roache