No chance of Indo-Pak bilateral series next year: Najam Sethi

MS Dhoni and Shahid Afridi. (Photo by MUNIR UZ ZAMAN/AFP/Getty Images)

According to a top official of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), there is no chance of any Indo-Pak bilateral series taking place next year owing to the prevalent turbulent relations between the two neighboring countries. Najam Sethi the head of the PCB executive committee stated that it is highly unlikely that Pakistan will play in a bilateral series against India anytime sooner.

Sethi also revealed that if there is any move by Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination to boycott all sporting ties with India the PCB will follow suit. “I don’t think it will happen because of the current scenario which will take time to change. But I also don’t think India will avoid playing us in the Champions Trophy next year in England,” he said.


Sethi also made it pretty clear that whenever India-Pakistan bilateral ties resume, they won’t be travelling to India for any matches. “They will have to play against us at a venue of our choice as we will be hosting any such series,” he said.

Asked whether he felt India would carry out its threat of not playing Pakistan in ICC events, Sethi said he did not see this coming as a large chunk of revenue of the ICC solely depends on the clash between the arch-rivals.

“Look if there is no India and Pakistan match in an ICC event, then financially it will hurt everyone including the ICC and I don’t see that happening since both countries get shares from the world body,” he said.

Speaking on the expected meeting between India and Pakistan cricket officials on the sidelines of Asian Cricket Council meeting in Colombo on December 17. He also admitted that they would try to ensure that constructive discussion is carried out but admitted the situation was not ideal for cricket matches.