Won’t hide my relationship with Virat behind dark car windows: Anushka Sharma

Virat Kohli with Anushka
(Photo Source: ISL)

The relationship between India Test captain Virat Kohli and Bollywood’s leading lady Anushka Sharma has apparently going through a rough patch again. The pair which got together in 2014 has experienced a couple of roadblocks due to their profession and difference in opinion. It has been sort of on-off relationship thus far.

After all the rumors of them getting separated earlier this year, the duo put all doubts about their togetherness to rest when Anushka toured to West Indies with Virat Kohli. Things looked perfectly fine. Since then, according to the media reports, the couple has been going strong.


But if a recent report by am entertainment website is to be believed, differences have crept in between Kohli and Anushka’s relationship yet again. A website states that cricketer reveals that there’s trouble brewing between Anushka and Virat again.

The source said, “Virat wants to get married to Anushka, he’s very possessive about her. He keeps a tab on her every time she’s on an outdoor shoot or busy with her film’s promotions.”

It is also stated that Anushka is at the peak of her career and with projects as an actor and producer. Moreover, she’s not yet ready for marriage. This possessiveness by Virat is apparently becoming the reason for the troubles between the couple.

Anushka has, however, come out open and has finally spoken up about her relationship with Kohli while speaking to a leading magazine. According to her, the reason why she doesn’t want to speak about the relation or give more importance to it is because it has the tendency to overshadow the work she does. This gives a clear message that at present, Anushka Sharma, who has big film lined up this year, currently wants to focus on her profession more than anything else.

“I won’t hide (the relationship) behind dark car windows or use the back entrance, but I won’t talk about it because it eclipses everything else I do or say,” she is quoted saying.