World Cup 2019: The top two contenders for the title

World Cup 2019: The top two contenders for the title

A team game played across the world; it has gained popularity even in non-playing nations.

Australian team
Australia. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Known as a “Gentleman’s game” cricket has a longstanding history that continues till this day. A team game played across the world; it has gained popularity even in non-playing nations. As a business, it remains one of the most successful and profitable sports till date with players often treated as gods and lots of money to be made via TV rights, advertisements, endorsements, and of course, for the common public, through betting.

There are many factors that play an important role before and during a match. From the condition of the pitch to the health of the players, all add up to form the basis of who might win. Still, upsets are waiting to happen, and all it takes is one run-out for the tables to turn and an underdog to come up victorious.

The ICC World Cup is the biggest event in the cricketing world. Held every four years, it comprises of the best teams from across the globe coming together for a series of one-day games that leads to an ultimate winner and rights to boast as the best team of the world. It will be played in England where betting is legal and thus people can make use of Cricket betting tips before making a call.

1. Australia

As the current champions and also the ones who have won the World Cup the maximum number of times, Australia is always a favourite to win. The team has conquered the event since 1999 having won four of the five tournaments till date, and it will be motivating to see how they continue to perform under Darren Lehmann who has extended his coaching duties till the end of October 2019.

It is pertinent to note that Australia started its winning streak, only interrupted by India in 2011, by coming on top at the World Cup held in England and Wales in 1999. Can they come a full circle and win again, or will some other team snatch the title from them, the excitement seems to be rising with each passing day?

2. India

India is one nation in the world where cricket it everything. Loved by millions, the game attracts the kind of fandom that is hard to replicate and seldom seen in any other sports. The panache with which the team plays has put India among the ones to watch in the betting circles and certainly a good bet for amateur punters. A strong team, many thought India would suffer a blow once Sachin Tendulkar announced his retirement. However, new blood has injected more positive energy into the team, and players like Virat Kohli have come up as notable world champions.

Even though there are some doubts on whether M. S. Dhoni will play the World Cup 2019, Kohli recently said that he is an integral part of the team, and in all probability, one of India’s most successful captain will be in the squad as they head to England in June 2019. India is a force to reckon and is also sure to have a lot of backing from the local Asian crowds for each of their games.