Ashish Nehra loses to family in football match during quarantine period

Nehra generally keeps football away from his schedule due to his history of getting injured.

Ashish Nehra
Ashish Nehra. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Ashish Nehra, the former Indian cricketer, is very much fond of football. However, due to the same sport, he has succumbed to a number of injuries and other mishaps. But his interest towards football hasn’t died down by any stretch of the imagination. He had once put forth his knowledge about football during the popular show, ‘Breakfast with Champions’, hosted by Gaurav Kapur.

Nehra also revealed the legendary Diego Maradona as his favourite in the sport. Previously, the retired speedster said that he generally keeps football away from his daily schedule. “I would love to play football with the team, but I have had so many injuries in the past, so I try to keep the football away from my schedule,” Nehra had said.


Ashish Nehra playing football

Nehra is currently spending his time in home quarantine due to the massive coronavirus outbreak. India is currently under a 21-day lockdown period, which is set to end of April 14. During this time, he has been busy spending quality time with his family. And in this period, he has been playing football, but unfortunately, he lost to his beloved family.

Her wife Rushma uploaded an adorable where Nehra was involved in the fun activity with his family. In the clip, Nehra can be seen playing. She captioned the video and wrote, “You can’t make this stuff up ???????????? #nehraji nutmeg -d all 3 of us! #lockdownentertainment,”

Here is the video of Nehra playing football

Currently India is bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 virus. As many as 1,637 cases have come to the fore with the death tolls going up to as high as 38. The Nizamuddin Tablighi meet has also added fuel to fire and quite a significant number of cases have emerged from the massive gathering itself.

In the world, the number of cases has gone up to 8,59,395 with the death tolls going up to 42,328. China has made a fast recovery, but countries like Italy and Spain continue to suffer due to the novel virus. Most of the activities around the world has come to a halt with lockdown taking place.