'I think he has also realized that times are changing and he has to change' - Moeen Ali wants Michael Vaughan to fight for eradicating discrimination in Cricket

Moeen Ali calls on Michael Vaughan to combat racism in cricket, emphasizing the need for change and equal opportunities.

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Moeen Ali and Michael Vaughan
Moeen Ali and Michael Vaughan. (Pic Source: Twitter)

English cricketer Moeen Ali has spoken out against former captain Michael Vaughan in a new documentary titled 'Is Cricket Racist?' In the documentary, Moeen addresses a historic tweet from Vaughan in 2017, where he suggested that Moeen should question young Muslims about bad elements to promote safety in society.

Describing Vaughan's tweet as "silly" and "dumb," Moeen urged figures like Vaughan to play a more proactive role in supporting Muslims and people of all faiths. He believes that Vaughan has recognized the changing times and the need for personal growth.

"We need people like him to step up for us. As Muslims, or any other faith really. And just be a bit smarter. I think he has also realized that times are changing and he has to change," Moeen said as quoted by ESPN Cricinfo.

Vaughan has previously apologized for his tweets, including during the Cricket Discipline Commission (CDC) racism hearings in March. While he was cleared of making racist comments to Azeem Rafiq and other South Asian players in 2009, Moeen's tweet and others were presented as evidence against Vaughan by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB).

The recent independent report by the Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket (ICEC) titled- "Holding Up a Mirror to Cricket," revealed deep-rooted discrimination in English cricket based on race, class, and gender. The report emphasized the lack of representation of British South Asians in professional cricket, despite their significant participation in recreational cricket.

Ali lauds players who show courage to speak against discrimination in the game

Moeen Ali highlighted that talented British Asian players often face higher expectations compared to their white counterparts when trying to secure professional contracts. He believes that the game needs to address this disparity and provide equal opportunities for all players.

The allegations made by Azeem Rafiq and the subsequent consequences have prompted Moeen to view them as a necessary "shake-up" for the game. He sees the positive outcome as players gain the courage to speak up against injustice within cricket.

Moeen Ali's call for Michael Vaughan to actively combat racism in cricket highlights the urgent need to address systemic discrimination. It is crucial to create an inclusive environment where talent and merit outweigh factors like race, class, or gender. By focusing on equality and fairness, the cricketing world can strive towards a stronger and more diverse future.

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