'Get a life guys' - Sanjay Manjrekar lashes out at Twitter users after being slammed over tweet on locust attack

‘Get a life guys’ – Sanjay Manjrekar lashes out at Twitter users after being slammed over tweet on locust attack

Manjrekar was quick to clarify his tweet.

Sanjay Manjrekar
Sanjay Manjrekar. (Photo Source: Facebook)

Twitter is a hard place to be on for certain people. The audience on that platform can be harsh sometimes for a particular person. That has been the case for Sanjay Manjrekar for quite some time now. The former Indian cricketer has often been criticised for his tweets. However, some of the times, people take his words more seriously and create a fuss out of it. On Thursday, something similar happened.

Manjrekar posted a tweet in which he advised people not to panic about the locusts. Desert locust swarms have become a certain threat for the Indians with several states facing issues to managing them. These locusts can have a large effect on the crops. The cricketer in his tweet added that nothing will happen to humans as they are not crops in some field. His tweet read, “Ok guys, no need to panic with the locusts. We are not crop.”

However, this didn’t go down well with the people on Twitter. Most users started lashing out at the cricketer turned commentator for his tweet. The common idea was that this tweet was insensitive as he didn’t think enough for the farmers. However, after several tweets emerged, the ex-Mumbai captain had enough and decided to post a reply.

“Get a life, guys,” says Sanjay Manjrekar

In the following tweet, Manjrekar clarified that the tweet which he had posted was for the people of Mumbai who live in flats. He explained that his tweet was not insensitive to the farmers. He also pointed out that he once traveled to Marathwada to talk to some families in which farmers had committed suicide. He also revealed that he took upon himself to pay off some of their loans as well. Manjrekar also said that he never shared this story but had to do it as he felt it was necessary to shut some people off.

His tweets read, “Get a life, guys! the last tweet was meant lightly for Mumbai folks living in flats & panicking because of locusts. Me, insensitive to farmers?? This is a person who travelled to Marathwada & visited houses of farmers who had committed suicide & yes, paid off loans of a few farmer families and want to do so much more. Had never shared this with the public, but had to today, to shut certain toxic people up.” After this tweet from him, some fans come out with supportive tweets as well.

Coming back to the locust situation in India, Desert locusts that first attacked farmlands in Rajasthan have now spread to Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh. The Locust Warning Organisation (LWO) has also issued high alerts for Punjab and Haryana which can experience a visit from a swarm soon.