Samoa vs Fiji, 11th Match - Live Cricket Score

ICC Mens T20 World Cup East Asia Pacific Qualifier A, 2022 | 14 Sep 2022, Wed, 4:00 AM IST | Independence Park, Port Vila

ResultFiji won by 30 runs.


147/10 (19.5 ov)



117/10 (18.3 ov)

Noa AcaweiN Acaweic Fereti Sululoto b Darren Ernest Roache10121083.33
Peni VuniwaqaPV Vuniwaqac S Cotter b Caleb Kiran Jasmat341233283.33
Delaimatuku MaraiwaiDS Maraiwaic JD Baker b Darren Ernest Roache171630106.25
Josaia BaleicikoibiaJ Baleicikoibialbw b JD Baker9180050.00
Metuisela BeitakiM Beitakic DP Michael b Samson Sola790077.78
Petero CabebulaP Cabebulab Samson Sola04000.00
Seru TupouSM Tupouc JD Baker b Saumani Tiai352613134.62
Tevita Sokokisolomone WaqavakatogaTevita Sokokisolomone Waqavakatogac JD Baker b Darren Ernest Roache690066.67
Sekove RavokaS Ravokarunout (UT Kaisala / Fereti Sululoto)460066.67
Samuela DraunivudiS DraunivudiNot out6410150.00
Sosiceni WeleilakebaS Weleilakebast UT Kaisala b Saumani Tiai8301266.67
Extra( b - 2, w - 8, no - 0, lb - 1, p - 0 )11
Total( 7.41 Runs per over )147 (10 Wkts, 19.5 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

41-1 (Peni Vuniwaqa, 2.6), 54-2 (Noa Acawei, 5.3), 72-3 (Delaimatuku Maraiwai, 7.6), 82-4 (Josaia Baleicikoibia, 10.6), 82-5 (Metuisela Beitaki, 11.1), 84-6 (Petero Cabebula, 11.5), 101-7 (Tevita Sokokisolomone Waqavakatoga, 15.1), 131-8 (Sekove Ravoka, 18.1), 139-9 (Seru Tupou, 19.2), 147-10 (Sosiceni Weleilakeba, 19.5)

Caleb Kiran Jasmat30251018.33
Douglas Finau303200010.67
Samson Sola41202005.00
James Baker30141014.67
Darren Ernest Roache30233037.67
Saumani Tiai3.50302007.83

Samson SolaSamson Solac S Ravoka b Tevita Sokokisolomone Waqavakatoga561083.33
Sean CotterS Cotterc J Baleicikoibia b SM Tupou454322104.65
Dominic MichaelDP Michaelc Tevita Sokokisolomone Waqavakatoga b S Ravoka8720114.29
Saumani TiaiSaumani Tiaic DS Maraiwai b Tevita Sokokisolomone Waqavakatoga12930133.33
Andrew MichaelAJ Michaelrunout (S Ravoka / P Cabebula)120050.00
Caleb Kiran JasmatCaleb Kiran Jasmatc PV Vuniwaqa b S Ravoka4400100.00
Fereti SululotoFereti Sululotob P Cabebula18211185.71
Uala KaisalaUT Kaisalac P Cabebula b SM Tupou121001120.00
James BakerJD Bakerc N Acawei b SM Tupou140025.00
Douglas FinauDouglas Finauc PV Vuniwaqa b P Cabebula240050.00
Darren Ernest RoacheDarren Ernest RoacheNot out1100100.00
Extra( b - 2, w - 6, no - 0, lb - 0, p - 0 )8
Total( 6.32 Runs per over )117 (10 Wkts, 18.3 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

7-1 (Samson Sola, 1.1), 20-2 (Dominic Michael, 3.2), 52-3 (Saumani Tiai, 6.5), 54-4 (Andrew Michael, 7.4), 66-5 (Caleb Kiran Jasmat, 9.5), 88-6 (Sean Cotter, 13.5), 109-7 (Fereti Sululoto, 16.2), 112-8 (James Baker, 17.2), 114-9 (Uala Kaisala, 17.4), 117-10 (Douglas Finau, 18.3)

Petero Cabebula3.30242016.86
Tevita Sokokisolomone Waqavakatoga30162005.33
Samuela Draunivudi30280029.33
Sekove Ravoka40182004.50
Josaia Baleicikoibia101900019.00
Seru Tupou40103022.50



ICC Mens T20 World Cup East Asia Pacific Qualifier A

Date & Time

14 Sep 2022, Wed, 4:00 AM IST


Samoa won the toss & elected to field


Independence Park, Port Vila



Match Referee


weatherWeather Report

Clear Sky

PredictionWin Prediction


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The 11th match of the T20 World Cup EAP Qualifier A 2022 will be played on Thursday, September 15, at Independence Park in Vanuatu between Samoa and Fiji. Samoa enters this game having suffered a defeat to Vanuatu in their previous game. On the other hand, Fiji also enters this game with a defeat over the Cook Islands under their belt. However, this will be the second meeting between the two sides in the competition since they faced off in the sixth match, in which Fiji handily defeated Samoa. Samoa will now try to exact retribution for their earlier loss and get back on the winning track, while Fiji will want to maintain their superiority over the Czech Republic and make a comeback in this game.


Uala Kaisala
Dominic Michael
Sean Cotter
Samson Sola
Andrew Michael
James Baker
Saumani Tiai
Fereti Sululotowk
Darren Ernest Roache
Caleb Kiran Jasmat
Douglas Finau


Benjamin Mailata
Uili Sofi
Bismarck Schuster

Metuisela Beitakiwk
Petero Cabebula
Noa Acawei
Seru Tupou
Delaimatuku Maraiwai
Sosiceni Weleilakeba
Peni Vuniwaqa
Josaia Baleicikoibia
Sekove Ravoka
Samuela Draunivudi
Tevita Sokokisolomone Waqavakatoga


Jone Wesele
Kitiano Tavo
Siteri Tabuisulu
Cakacaka Tuapati
Sosiceni Delai
Cakacaka Cokovaki